Friday, June 24, 2016

So I thought I would share a picture of a quilt I made back in 2014. This was from a jelly roll put together by a local quilt shop and I used their pattern. The thing that makes this quilt so interesting is that I finished it up to the first white border and then I had a gift certificate from my sister for this local quilt shop so I decided to have them quilt it. Once I got it back, I realized I wanted it to fit our queen size bed and it didn't quite fit without an additional border. For some strange reason, I saved the small colored scraps when I cut my blocks down and I was able to make this tiny little border to go all the way around the quilt and frame it out. Because the quilt was already quilted, I then quilted with straight line quilting an additional white border, adding the small border to that and then attaching it all to the quilt. I love to see this quilt all messed up on our bed right now.  It's beautiful tones of teals and greys which I would never have put together on my own.

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